Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wymaroo for Yoo!

Man, learning these freestyle tricks seems to take ages! Sure, I can admit I am aging and not quite as aggressive and maleable as I may have once been, but sheesh! Wymaroo's for example. To be honest, this is one trick I have never invested too much into, but one of my good mates in New Zealand was awesome at them - the one and only Gary McCorry - frequent darkhorse to the Wellington Freewave series (actually, dark horse is not the right terminology - there is no question Gary has the goods to win those events, its whether or not he will show up!).

This past monday, I gave a couple more a shot with some decent winds for 5.3 and freestyle board. The problem? Well, take a look at the neat photo sequence that Thomas Dagg put together. I'd say, making a generalization to that sequence - it just looks like I am not investing in the trick, not throwing hard enough. I have compared my position to other pro sailors wymaroo videos care of Continent Seven, take Diony Guadagnino for example. He looks 100% committed through the whole move. In comparison, I look like a 9-5'er stuck at work on a Monday morning - lifeless and half asleep. Brutal. Summary: Kick in the ass: Wake up and give'r 100%, lots of speed and total committment. Next time I will own that trick!! ;)

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Daniele Luppi said...

Hey man, quite funny to hear from u, but laught good who laught last and unfortunately it's the same for me... i just remember that with a small wave, at the end of the carve, sailing windward clewfirst, i jumped pushing the board and my body through the wind.... and sometimes it worked... hope it helps.. bye