Thursday, January 28, 2010


OK, I made up this word. But I think it adequately describes what is happening to me. I'm turning into a pansy.

Monday was absolutely ripping. Probably 25-30kts from the south in the afternoon, and 8°C. Not too shabby. Once upon a time I would have jumped all over that, suited up and made the most of it.

Well, unfortunately I am reporting that the on-set of pansy-ism has firmly taken a stronghold on my psyche for cold-weather sailing. I didn't even consider it.

I guess I have to admit that a few other minor factors were weighing in:
- All my gear is in storage in Watertown, NY.
- I currently don't own a single boom.
- The bays are covered in ice.
- It was pissing rain with snow-melt and the sewers were bypassing something fierce.

So, I guess I couldn't really have gone if I wanted to.... but c'mon! - I should have at least been thinking about it!! ;)