Thursday, May 08, 2008


Definitely having a great time in Cape Hatteras. Winds have been good from my point of view. Lots of 5.3 freestyle on the sound, many times well into the dark. Cheryl has been awesome in letting me get my fill. Saying that, I've also had some equally awesome times on the beach with the family. Bradley is totally into the water and waves running up the beach. Jalen is still a wee bit freaked by it all. They love playing in the sand which makes me a proud daddy. Nothing better than getting the lads hooked on the beach!

Today is damn windy. Well, damn windy in that it is to blow all day. I've already sailed my 4.7 for 3hrs straight this morning, now taking a rest for the late arvo session. Scott has lined up a photoshoot with the Windsurfing Mag guys, so I am hoping to join in for that later on today. Scott and I did a couple of photoshoots over our two weeks here. One at the Canadian Hole and one off the Big Island near our place here in Avon. Check out Scott's Blog for some samples.

Tomorrow, our last day, is also looking primo with near gale force winds forecasted for the day. Should be good. Unfortunately, no swell is forecast along with it, but still might be worth one go on the ocean-side. We're heading back on Saturday, and it will be back to work. ARGH!

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James Court said...

Hey fish,

Good to see your still getting amongst it. Hatteras looks like freestyle heaven.