Monday, November 23, 2009

Last kick at the can...

It's getting cold out there, real cold.

Actually, believe it or not, its not that bad yet, but I think the weather is finally supposed to go 'seasonal' by the end of the week, with the first smathering of snowfall on Thursday.

But, we did score one more decent one at Sandbanks last Friday. I took half the day off and drove myself out to Picton to meet up with Ilan, Pierre and JF Lemay. I extracted them from the allure of the beach and dragged them off to Mac's, despite what appeared to be pretty tiny little waves. Sure enough though, the wind ramped up to a reasonable 30-35kts for the afternoon and we feasted on 3-5ft waves. Not epic in the sense of true epicity (is that a word?), but a blast none the less, and well worth the trip. Mostly head-high rides, but once again, the wave wrapping that happens there just gives it enough twist to get to reasonable side-shore conditions. I think the best wave I saw was Pierre getting about 6-8 nice turns all the way into the wind doldrums near shore. Ilan's wave riding is improving all the time. Ilan is on a solid no-skunk-yet record for Sandbanks, so if he is going to make the trip all the way from Montreal, chalk it down for a guaranteed quality session.

A few photos, care of Ilan...

But alas, it is time to dry out the equipment, pull out the parka's and snow shovels, cuz here comes winter!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Clear Out!

Equipment for sale / a vendre (Kingston, ON)

• 2008 Goya W3D 5.3 - Good Condition (red, rigs on a 430). $350

• 2008 Goya W3D 4.1 – Excellent Condition (black, rigs on a 370/400). $350

Masts / mât:
• 2008 Goya RDM 430 – Good Condition, with bag. $300

• 2009 211 Components (Goya proto) 140-190 Alloy boom – Very Good Condition. $100

Photos available on request. Packages or complete rigs are a possibility. Make an offer and I'll consider.
Contact Mike/Fish at

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Wow! I have never seen blue on the windguru maps before, probably a testament to where I live.

Check this out:

Andy McKinney from SailWorld Hatteras is reporting a very nutty week coming right up in Cape Hatteras!

Definitely a great blog from the Cape that we Canadians all like to invade every spring. Take a look.

Here's a direct link to the insane windguru forecast

That's gonna shake them vacation homes real good.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

SessionLogs - Check it out...

Ever want to show off your best epic sessions?
Check out this application, developed by one of my old kiwi mates back in New Zealand. It has recently gone global! Well done Chris!
Consider signing up and logging your sessions! It's not only for windsurfing either - pick a sport and show off your photos and videos.

Monday, November 02, 2009

3 nukes this year.

We've had 3 occasions this year to own a 3.0! Impressive. I usually consider myself lucky if I can use my 3.7 once or twice a year. I love the high wind stuff, so this has been a treat for sure!

Halloween was another very windy day. Unfortunately, I could not get my motivation up, sufficient to overcome the dismal morning rains to drive out to Sandbanks... which is where I should have been sailing. Alas, I had Bob the Builder and Wendy waiting for me to go trick-or-treating, so no way I was going to miss that for anything.

Sailed here in town with the locals:
1 hour on 4.1 in strong southerlies at Everitt, and rain...
1 hour on 4.1 in strong, but dropping southwesterlies at Patterson Park...
1 hour on 3.7 maxed, in very strong westerlies at Emily St.

I'd say it's been a reasonable fall - but definitely hoping for more!!

Sorry, no photos...