Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Costa Rica

It's booked. We are going. Seven weeks - Dec6 to Jan24. Stoked.

I've got a week-pass to get to Arenal and sail my ass off for 7 days straight. Cheers to honking conditions.


ramon said...


I was there a few years back. I did not sail on the lake, rather on the coast. It was the bay that separates costa rica from nicuagura. I was the only one windsurfing there in a resort that had 80 rooms. Actually one 2 guests in the entire hotel.


Plenty to see and do, have a great time.

Fish said...

That's up in Bahia Salinas. I've read a bit about that and am intrigued, but I've only got a week... so the strong winds of Arenal it is...

All well in NZ Ramon?

ramon said...

yeap, Bahia Salinas is where i was.

All is well with me. I have not been getting much windsurfing in as the winds have been pretty light. I got a few southerly sessions in e.g. 1 x lyall and 2 x ditch.

Yesterday (friday) was the first plimmy day in what i believe is about 4 months. These are the strongest northerly winds that we have had in a very long time. Anyway, the waves were about shoulder height and warmish sunny day, so it was good to get out. About 15 guys were out. It was good that it was a friday afternoon and easier to find the time.

There seems to be only a few people in welly who are interested in freestyle. Most opting for waves.

Fish said...

Ah, you need the freestyle to fill in the gaps! It's so much damn fun, mate, but you know that! Definitely miss NZ nearly every day.