Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grand Finale at Ego Beach

There was a fitting end to our stay in Hatteras.

Thursday was a cruisy 25kts all morning and into early afternoon. Sailed my 4.7 and X1 in the sound, working on flakas and switch stance sailing. Damn those flakas are hard! Seems like as hard as I try, I cannot make any progress. Weird thing is, I even seem to think I know what I am doing wrong - I am just incapable of telling my body what to do differently. DAMN! Sailed with Amine for a while and definitely enjoy the comraderie out there on the water when trying to progress tricks!

Friday was the icing on the cake. Started off ripping winds in the sound. I drove by Jonathan Newmans and Scott MacDonald's house down in the south end of Avon and roused the crew. We were off to Ego Beach, all eager for some wave sailing. First hop over the dunes revealed conditions far far less windy that what was happening on the sound - which was definitely 35kts+, but, a lot more fun! Rigged 4.7 & Wave 76 and sailed some of my first down the line conditions in a long time. I was SO tired from the day before, and it seems Jon and Scott were also getting their strength sapped from donning our rubber suits. The sound is considerably warmer and only on a couple occassions did I wear a shorty. A full suit was definitely the call on the ocean-side - water was reportedly sub 60°F.

What can I say other than an awesome session! Scored some of my best wave rides there ever! Had a few where I managed to connect 4-5turns and even pop the odd aerial! It was excellent. The wind later would notch up 5kts and also turn side-off. I feasted for a while on that with my 4.1 but was ultimately out of gas. Where is a Red Bull when you need it?!

Photos all courtesy of Steve Slaby. Thanks Steve!

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