Monday, March 16, 2009

Dream Quiver

Yes, I am at work. That doesn't mean I don't day dream... Give me a break eh? It's Monday morning.

I often browse the Quatro and Goya sites and think, if money was no object, what would my dream quiver look like (within reason).

Well, I've figured it out.

First off, I don't race. I don't care about going fast, I just want to ride waves and do tricks. Is that so wrong? I don't think so.

Boards: Definitely need a floaty freestyle board. The 105 Goya X1 is perfect. Love it... Looking forward to updating from my '07 model. Next on the list - probably a mid-size FSW model - I'll take the 2009 Quatro FSW 85 please... Then, for the nice windy days, a Wave 72. That would be plenty - 3 boards to do it all. BUT, if $$ were truly no object, I'd have to get on the band wagon and pick up a 75L twin fin to try, just for that 1 day every year or so when I get to do some real wave sailing ;)

Sails: Easy... I'll take the W3D in 5.7 and down. But, maybe rather than go with the W3D in the tiny sizes, just to mix it up a bit, I'll give the Guru a shot in sub 4.5. Looks good to me.

OK, now that I've got that dream quiver all sorted out, I can go back to work and continue the futility of making $$ no object.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Big Blow... during a big drought.

Going through one of the longest recent-memory windsurfing droughts. Oh man, it's been over two months and will probably be another one before getting out there. Also, for the first year in a long time, this cat will be sailing no new toys... definitely feeling the $$$ crunch of 7wks in Costa Rica and daddyhood - two boys who appear to need food and shelter after all.

Saying that, it blew like shtink here yesterday and tore a good chunk of the solid ice sheet on the Kingston harbour out and away! Amazing, 100% solid just two days ago, now today, half of the ice is gone. Check out the iWind graph. It's a shame these storms don't come in over the summer months!! ARGH! 30-40kts all day, just WASTED!

Check out this shot of the yacht club near Richardson Beach - definitely some massive ice heave as the big southwesterlies push huge ice blocks up and over the KYC revetment. Impressive.

Just imagine what it would have done to the silly groyne that is proposed by the City for Richardson Beach "to improve water access". I suspect that thing would have been deposited on the yacht club's driveway if it had been built last year.

The bright side of this big blow is that the ice is out VERY early this year, which bodes well for some good spring sessions, albeit frickin' cold. Should be fun! Any takers?