Sunday, May 08, 2011

Nope, this is not me on the purple kite... I swear.

I'm not sure how kiting will fit into my world, especially around Kingston (now that we've been spoiled by shallow water & warm Hatteras conditions), but it is fun, and very different.

This is a shot of me during about my 3rd hour of water time with the kite. After about 2-3hrs on the water, I was semi-managing to stay upwind, turning to toe-side, and shlogging through some 'jibes' (if that is what they are called in this shorts-over-wetsuit world of kiteboarding). Yes, I am still a windsurfer and feel like I need to continue taking shots at teabaggers ;)

All in all, great trip to Hatteras. First week we stayed in Avon with Amine Fadous and family from Montreal. Had great wind most of the week culminating with a great ocean-side sail at Ramp30. Second week we were up in Rodanthe for the first time, with Peter Williamson and family from Ottawa. For sure a bit less variation for windsurfing (a bit too shallow, resulting in a bad shoulder check to the sand bottom), but far superior for kiting. This gave Cheryl and I a chance to play! I'd say we had wind enough for either sport probably about 12/14 days. Nice.

A few things can be said for the (mainly Ottawa-based) kiting community that surrounded us up in Rodanthe - they are super helpful, super friendly and always willing to give pointers to beginners. Cheryl and I both felt immensely safe learning in that environment, and we owe a big thanks for the many launches, relaunches, good vibes, words of encouragement, and rescues in the Pamlico Sound.

Update May 16 - Here is a great photo compilation of the Ottawa crew up in Rodanthe by Steve Slaby! Great work Steve!