Thursday, October 20, 2011

Weekend was a ripper!

Killer weekend. Finally. The shite year-of-sucky-wind seems like a long time ago after this past weekend.

Saturday: 35-45kts SW. Sailed Mac's at Sandbanks. Not as clean as I've seen it, but love sailing op'ed 3.7 since that extra power is helpful in getting back at the wave for a smack.

Sunday: 25kts ish, WSW. Sailed Mac's a bit again, but tired from Saturday. This fat ass is a bit much for 4.7 on a 76L waveboard.

Monday: 30-45kt treat, WSW. Sailed Emily St in Kingston with my old mates for a change. Great times! Started off in solid 4.2 in building waves, then nuked to op'ed 3.7 again and the place just lit up. Big rollers for jibing on the outside, making them oh-so-smooth, then legit frontside waves on the inside for 1 or 2 hits full power. Loved it!

Thanks to Craig Butler for the photos.  Some more of his are here:


Emily Street: