Wednesday, August 08, 2012

The boys and the SUP!

My kids have made leaps and bounds with their swimming this year.  Along with that comes a lot more water time which of course, I love.  We spent last weekend at my bro's cottage on Buckshot Lake, up near Plevna, Ontario.  It's a beautiful lake, but like most cottage-sized lakes, it's smaller and hence the wind that actually makes it down onto the water for sailing is gusty and very messy.

Nevertheless, we had some wind, and we got to sail!  And that includes my dad, brother, neice and myself... and my boys.  I rigged up my 5.3 Eclipse with my fat standup board (with custom attachment for a handle on the nose), and did some puttering with the boys.  Very happy to see that they are enjoying it, and more than that, pretty happy to bail off the board too!

Extra props to my Dad, still ripping the slalom ski at 71.  The only one as well who can start on one ski off the beach behind my bro's tired 70HP Evinrude!

Here's a GoPro clip of Bradley and I.  Somewhat long and unedited...  I've got another one with Jalen and one with my nephew Mark, hopefully I can put together a small highlight reel soon.

Youtube versions of Jalen, then Bradley.  Jalen does a nice dismount at 2:32.

Bradley's highlights are at 1:36 (wipeout) and 3:40 to 4:10, with the 10 point dismount ;)