Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Can you?

How would you describe the feeling you get from a good top-turn?

A Deep-Thoughts moment, by Jack Handy...

I read a few comments today on where there is a bit of a debate between why people would choose to sail at Outlet Beach (yesterday) when they could have been sailing at Mac's (and vice versa).  Obviously, the usual logic applies and answers the question, sortof - everyone is different, personal choice etc... - but fundamentally I think the comparison is between the beach (bigger waves = bigger air (debatable), cleaner(?), but generally backside riding or one-hit wonders) and Upper Mac's (smaller waves = less air, cleaner(?), and wrapping waves that produce conditions that approach sideshore DTL).  Trying to pin point the differences isn't really the objective here, but there are clearly differences, and I'd sum it up by saying;  beach = backside, Mac's = frontside.  But, I am biased.

For me, since first sailing Mac's nearly 10 years ago, I don't think I've ever gone back to the beach.  It has always been about the frontside.  Nothing comes even close in windsurfing to the feeling I get from a good top-turn, except multiple good top-turns on the same wave.  Nothing comes even close in any other sport for me.  Backside cuts aren't even on the same map. Jumps, not even close. I could care less if the wave is 1/4 the size, a nice full-power aggro frontside hit beats a backside hack any day of the week, and that is why I've never gone back to the beach.  I know a lot of you other Mac's regulars feel the same way, maybe not to the same extent, but probably.

So, how would you describe to a friend, sailor or not, that feeling you get from it?  I challenge you, because I don't think I can put the right words to it.  Maybe I need a thesaurus, or an education involving bigger words & fewer numbers.  Can you?