Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shit and pissed on...

Yes - thats what all you prospective parents have to look forward to.

Long before your children learn the meaning of respect, you will get shit and pissed on.

I reckon that the piss-on was deliberate. Thanks Bradley.

The projectile shit on the other hand... well, I guess just happened to be in the way of it. Thankfully, I ducked and weaved and not a single particle hit me - it shot clear over onto the couch across the room. Amazing really, and something to behold... if only it weren't faeces.

All over the 540's

Today was another day pass day. Cheryl's friend Lara is here visiting from Vermont and is a stellar helping hand. Today in fact, all that help let me get out for a sail in the ditch.

The cobwebs are starting to encroach on my repertoire... Grubby's were a touch weak today, but on the other hand, the 540's were still coming - my new favorite move, cuz they still seem so frickin' hard to pull off.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Down but not out.

I owe my sanity to Cheryl. She is incredible.

I had my first day pass yesterday and a second bonus half day pass today. This weekend was the final Freewave Event of the '06/07 year, but, yesterday was a big nuker!

Friday was huge in Lyall Bay - winds cranked up to 30kts+ and the waves were up beyond mast high. Despite being tired as hell, I made the most of the day pass and sailed like a demon from 2-5pm. The airtime was huge!!! I stuck a nice big floater crazy pete, but once again - could not nab the elusive backloop. Definitely had some of my biggest attempts ever!

Today unfortunately, the wind just did not develop and with the shite forecast, the Freewave is done. Third place finish for me! Have to be happy enough with that!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007