Friday, April 25, 2008

First big car trip with the lads.

This is going to be interesting. 14 hour drive down to the Cape, 1 fully overloaded car, 2 x 15month old boys. I reckon we'll be doing a lot of stopping to let the boys vent their frustration from being strapped down. They don't handle restraint very well.

As long as I can remember, arrival in Hatteras was immediately followed by a good session, regardless of the wind. This will be the first time a grocery trip takes precedence. ARGH!

Sounds like some Ottawa sailing buddies will be down at the sametime, including up'n'coming action photographer Scott MacDonald. Hopefully we have some time to collaborate on some projects together. Strong SW is forecast for later next week (how do they forecast that far ahead? i.e. how on earth do they expect to get that right when they can't get tomorrow right). Looking forward to getting thrashed at Ego Beach.

I hope I don't forget to pickup my gear on the way past Watertown. That would suck. ;)


Erick said...

I reckon a few drops of rum in their baby formula oughta do the trick ;-)

Good winds!. At this rate it looks like you mates might get the next sesh in before I do down here. Somebody killed the trades. Surf's up though ;-)


Anonymous said...

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