Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Hatteras Day2 pt 2&3

Windy, still. I tried to chase down Bill Bell up at Oregon Inlet, but only managed to get north about 1 mile to Ramp 34, where I found a couple of guys (Keith and Jim), and decided to give it a shot there. Tire pressure down to 25psi, I took the Subey out on the beach and rigged up there with the big 4WD trucks in the peltering sand. I couldn't get it right out there. Rigged the 4.4 and 76 and just couldn't keep on a plane (potato chips? extra 15lbs?)... and I couldn't find the waves either. I didn't give it much chance either - it was sapping all my strength. Packed it in, came back to the house and Pt 3:

Sailed another 1hr in the sound, fully lit on the 3.7/105. I am much more a freestlyer than a wave sailor I realize, even though quite the hack at both. I did manage a few nice shove-its, some forwards, a few wymaroo attempts, spocks, flaka trys etc... Fun stuff, and by the end, no one else out whatsoever.

Still kooking it up though... doing lots of dumb things and just not quite comfy with it all. But still loving it!!

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George Markopoulos said...

Bill has a nice shot of you up. u look pretty comfortable to me!