Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hatteras Day1

Windy. Very. We pulled into Avon at about 2pm and our house was all ready for us. Ran the bags and family up, and rigged like a madman. It looked to be blowing 25-30kts out on the sound. I rigged a 4.2 and 105L and got blown off the water pretty quick. The 4.2 Guru was nice and forgiving, but not that forgiving. I guess it was 30+. Switched to the 3.7 Guru and Q 76 waveboard. Problematic for my fat ass. I struggled. Very rusty. Best move of the day was a fat flat-water forward right in front of my kids who came down to the water for a peak.

Nice to be sailing again. Lots of wind in the forecast.

Sailed a bit later on a bizarro 3.7/105 combo. That 105 is smooth as. Love it already. And it carves much better than the older version.

Didn't see anyone out there I know yet. I think I caught a glimpse of Amine or Christine a few hundred metres downwind, hope to catch up with them soon!

I'm sore, and the hand blisters have a solid head start. Damn pansy desk-job hands...

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