Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hatteras bound!!

It's been a long winter! I haven't sailed since late November. This is unusual - usually I get away for a trip or two to get my fix, but this year I was flat out of holiday time and dollars. Needless to say I am desperate to get out on the water.

Scott MacDonald photo, 2008.

I'll be staying with my family at 30 Miles Out, behind the Dairy Queen in Avon, on North Albacore. If you are down there and keen to get out for a session together, feel free to drop by. While for some the big island in front of our place can be a pain in the arse, for a freestyler, it is an added bonus because of the nice flat-water it always creates downwind of it.

And joy! I'll be testing out a bunch of new gear. The 2010 Goya X1, 2010 Goya sails and a couple new Aeron V-grip booms!!

Fingers crossed for lots of wind!


George Markopoulos said...

excellent! when are you going?

Fish said...

Heading down Apr25-May9.
You going to be there? Where?

George Markopoulos said...

its possible i'll be down for the weekend on may 8th
I'm still waiting on my gear to arrive...and to heal the shoulder properly.

two weeks to go! getting stronger every day

Bill said...

Hey Mike!

Yea, definitely contact me when you are here and game for a wave sesh, or check in with Andy at Wind-NC for the report.

Looks like the WindGuru stars are shaping up nicely starting Sunday with strong SW wind forecast...perhaps some surf too?!

Can't wait myself and I live here!!



George Markopoulos said...

Question for you Mike-when you drive to Hatteras, do you come down the Delmarva and pass thru the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel?

If so, you’ll probably drive down route 113 when passing thru Delaware? If that’s the case, you’d basically be passing 5 minutes from my house, and I’d be stoked if I could ask you to take an ezzy 400 mast down to Andy’s new shop for me. I’ve sold it to someone who is gonna be in hatteras starting may 8th. Would be huge favor for me if you did. I could come out and stand on the side of the highway or something like that lol. Please let me know. thxs

Fish said...

George - Wish I could help you, but we are coming via Washington/Richmond and have a hotel booked that way as well.
You may wish to post a note on the Windsurfing Ottawa site, or even Windsurfing Quebec. Lots of people going down who could probably do a drive-by pickup.

Bill... unfortunately, sunday is a travel day right-off for me... hopefully things continue through into the early week.

George Markopoulos said...

No worries Mike, and thxs for following up. As it turns out, I'm headed down on the 8th, so alls well that ends well. Hope you score some epic hatteras conditions

Fish said...

Oh good. I posted something on the Ottawa forum but I will cancel that then.