Saturday, May 01, 2010

Lots of wind...

Still blowing. Had a couple of days of rest, but now its back on. Sailed the Canadian Hole yesterday, nicely lit on the 4.7. Great to see some excellent freestylers out playing in the froth. Local Stewart Proctor and Lopi were certainly doing well.

Again today. Picked up around 3pm, went out on a 5.2 but needed to rig down soon thereafter. Through on the 4.7, but within 1/2hr could have easily been on the 4.2. Great fun sail with Amine, him on 4.0/63L, me on 4.7/105. Fun trading loops out in the sound.

Lots more wind to come... should be solid evening session tomorrow followed by a big day on Monday! Cracker!

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