Monday, May 10, 2010

Hatteras final day...

After a few days of light winds, it was nice to score a big fat sound-side day on Saturday, before pushing home in the lead-sled. I sailed with Amine and Christine mostly on the sound side around the big-island.

First on the water, I went out with the 105 Goya X1 and 4.2 Guru. Fun combo. I played around a bit in the flats near the Big Island hoping to make some progress on flakas. Status: denied. Progress: Zero. Man, that trick is bizarre... I'm having a really tough time cracking the initiation part of it.

Amine then popped out from his new digs at the 'Octaview' equipped with 4.2 and wee little Quatro Wave 63... I switched to my Wave 76 and we headed out for some fun. Lots of small shove-it potential out there, and worked on some ugly port-side forward attempts too. The extra pounds I have been shlepping around really revealed themselves in lee of the island. Amine would some how manage to rip right through the marginal gusty winds back there while I barely could keep on a plane. At some point, it's clear that I'm going to have to stop with the excess beer and donuts ;)

Definitely a great session to finish off our stay! I basically sailed until I couldn't hold on any longer and my hands were fully blistered. Thankfully, a Quebec sailor named Michel was keeping an eye out with his camera and snapped a few shots (loopy shots embedded above). Check out his blog here.

All in all, Hatteras was a score! We stayed two weeks and I sailed most days, mostly powered up on sails ranging from 3.7 up to 5.3, but also with my boys on the big fat beginner board in 5 kts at the Canadian Hole. Honestly, unless you are a parent, you probably cannot fathom how incredible it is to have your 3yr old kids asking to go out windsurfing.

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