Friday, February 16, 2007

Down but not out.

I owe my sanity to Cheryl. She is incredible.

I had my first day pass yesterday and a second bonus half day pass today. This weekend was the final Freewave Event of the '06/07 year, but, yesterday was a big nuker!

Friday was huge in Lyall Bay - winds cranked up to 30kts+ and the waves were up beyond mast high. Despite being tired as hell, I made the most of the day pass and sailed like a demon from 2-5pm. The airtime was huge!!! I stuck a nice big floater crazy pete, but once again - could not nab the elusive backloop. Definitely had some of my biggest attempts ever!

Today unfortunately, the wind just did not develop and with the shite forecast, the Freewave is done. Third place finish for me! Have to be happy enough with that!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Mike! 3rd place sounds pretty decent! When will you get the boys on boards??
Maybe you can give Grace and Olivia lessons this summer at the cottage! haha

Fish said...

Hey Susan! I'd love too! Would be fun to get the girls out on the water, not to mention sipping beers on the dock. Loved it in 2005!
Wrt the boys, that may have to wait a wee while longer... but it WILL happen!

AmigoChris said...

Hey wait a minute I quit my ski career the first year the girls were home!!

Lucky Boy Mike!

Nicolas said...

Cheryl does indeed rock by handing out day passes! At least you made the best of it. Gratz! I'm sure we have future champs in the twins to take on those ever younger windsurfing champs!