Monday, October 30, 2006

Nothing at Plimmy, ripping in the ditch. What the f#@$?

Saturday - another solid 4.4 ditch day. I've never seen such clean waves in Evan's Bay before! It was sweet - shove-it heaven! Troy was getting real close on them, not to mention throwing a lot of fat forwards out there.
The shaka's are a LONG way from being realized... I think I need to get a pointer or two from someone who knows what they are doing.
Leland was working hard on e-sliders and getting real close!
After my Gorge knee injury, I am finally beginning to get a bit more comfortable with forwards again. Still not going big like the blokes here, but maybe some day.


Anonymous said...

Mike, you are throwing out some mysterious words for the maneuvers you do there - I have no idea what you are talking about. But what do you expect from a "non windsurfer" mom.

Fish said...
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Fish said...

Who goes there?

It's just my last ditch effort to sound cool.

It's safe to say that in ~3months time my vocabulary will change instantly to include more appropriate phrases such as "No kid... wrong nipple." and "Honey!!! I've got shit all over me again."

Nicolas said...

Mike, without them pictures as proof, I'll have to start believing in the "I've caught a big fish (no pun intended) but got away" story. How about one of those Mast Cams? Or better still, a chartered heli!

Keep up the practice!


Fish said...

Aye... not too many willing photographers here as back home. May not ever get any great sailing shots from NZ. Yup, so its all talk. ;) It's really not windy here at all...