Monday, October 09, 2006

Killer Weekend

Despite the chore of moving flats, I was still granted 2 day passes and got out for a couple of fun freestyle sessions in the Ditch.

Saturday dished out fine northerlies at 25-30knots, sunday about 20-25. Not too shabby. Tom Taylor is back from Dunedin, and showing us all how to do anything and everything. I witnessed a bunch of flakas, ponches and shaka attempts. Pretty sweet. Another visiting french sailor was also dishing out some 540s, grubbies and clew-first grubbies.

The work on the shakas begins. I tried lots on both days and can tell this is a trick that will take a while. Leland happened to mention that it was known, on Maui, to be called the impossible trick. Well - its not!!! So I gotta learn them. They are certainly fun to try!

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