Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sweet ditch action today

A nice 20kt southerly came through today. I sailed Kio Bay in the ditch, finally squeezing in a nice long 3hr session. Southerlies are quite flat in the bay, owing to a pretty short fetch. It was a bit gustier than usual, but it was still top notch.

On my third run, my boom just spontaneously combusted on me. The whole Chinook boom head just cracked in half, and my side came away with me still holding on. The tail was bent to shit, and no more connection at the mast, but the other side was still in tact, so it was still possible to turn and sail back to shore.

A great freestyle session!! Lots of grubbys and more spocks than normal, several regular and 540s... definitely pleased. I tried about 3 flakas with absolutely zero sucess. Those are definitely one of my projects for the spring.

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