Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Big L is just getting his waterproof housing all cooked up and running. These are a few shots from Plimmerton a couple of days ago. I am sailing pretty underpowered on my 3.7, and soon rigged up to a 4.4 to enjoy the onshore conditions and clean waves. Plimmerton is a really nice sandy beach, a fun treat compared to the rocky shoreline in the ditch.

The housing was successful and did not leak, but the trigger - a jimmy-rigged wireless doorbell - soon succumbed to the water. Leland was hanging out in the shorebreak, so it was tough to get in there close and try anything tricky. Thanks for the photos Leland! The funny thing about the trigger is that it is connected to the doorbell relay, that actual fires 6 shots, due to the little 6-tone ditty it plays.

Kinda lame, but all I could muster was a jybe for the camera... and I probably even botched it.

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