Tuesday, August 15, 2006

What is this all about?

Change. It’s just one of the unavoidables in life. Change is not to be feared, but welcomed as a challenge in one’s path through life. Fear it? Ha! I am looking forward to it. Bring it on!

Welcome to my spin-off blog. We will still be maintaining our other blog: The Adventures of Charla and Fish, but this one is much more geared towards a metamorphosis of sorts, and to my passion for windsurfing.

Cheryl and I came to New Zealand because of our desire to travel, but mainly to windsurf, and to windsurf a lot. Wellington is statistically one of the windiest cities in the world, if not the windiest, so it just seemed to make sense.

Windsurfing has dominated my life over the last twelve years. While I am far from a pro and I do work full-time as an engineer, I basically live to windsurf, and cannot get enough of it.

This blog will chronicle my gradual transformation from a dedicated hardcore wind-chasing fool, to a dedicated hardcore father of twins. Yup, that’s right. My wonderful partner Cheryl is 15 weeks pregnant with a couple of little buggers. Finding out about that, I can tell you, was quite the shock to the system! Needless to say, a major change in priorities is about to set itself upon me.

This blog is dedicated to this metamorphosis. While I hope there is middle ground, I think we are talking about opposite extremes of a spectrum. Enjoy.

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