Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Healthy as can be!

The babies are doing well! Had our first specialist appt. for high risk pregnancies, and heard their little heart beats! Very reassuring, since Cheryl had a bit of a pause in weight gain. But, they are all good! Uh oh.. Dad'o'meter is gonna slide a touch today.


Al said...

Hey Cheryl, Teresa and Al Jacobs here, back in the piney woods of south GA (not the island altho we sailed around Cape Horn last year...on a cruise ship!)Email is aljacobs@alltel.net, website is http://home.alltel.net/taljacobs
Did you know that my middle two are twins? Now 23 and both FSU grads. Drop us a line and we'll tell you all about Zahia who is in NYC and doing very well - also PG!!
Luv ya, Al

AmigoChris said...

Get your sailin' in NOW!!

Chris G in Ottawa (father of identical twin girls)