Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Quest for Pushies

I haven't written anything on this blog for a long time!  I guess I've been getting frustrated with the ever reducing amount of good wind we get here in Kingston, as well as getting a bit bored with it.

I think I have the cure - I need to learn a new trick!

There are a number of tricks I've been pining over for some time, the threesome of flakas, shakas and push loops.  We'll, I am hellbent on ticking one of those this year, and its going to be pushloops.  I think the flakas and shakas need a lot more time, effort and fine tuning of movements, etc... and I just don't get the time on the water anymore.  Pushloops?  Well, I know how to do them (or at least I think I do), it's just HOLDING ON part that I need to work on.  I've gotten too use to bailing.

So, I will reinvigorate this blog with my quest for pushloops!

Had a great session today by the way.  Nice waves at Everitt and solid 4.2 for 4 hours did the trick.

If you read this, then thank you very very much for following my blog and forgiving my 16 month absence.

I have also decided to get myself a 6.0 again.  I've stubbornly refused for years after living in NZ to get a 6.0, but I think the time has come.  6.0 Banzai!  Spring 2016.


Jay said...

This blows my mind as it seems like finding ramps for push loops would be way more rare than finding flaka conditions.

I bet you could nail flakas quickly!

Fish said...

Hi Jay - thanks for reading and commenting. I totally hear you about that but I should explain. My problems with working on flakas are that they are partly the reason for all my shoulder problems in the first place. So I guess I fear them more.

There was one particular day about 5 years ago when I distinctly remember making a lot of effort (not getting very far mind you) and I knew it was hurting me. But, I kept at it because hey, everything heals eventually but you only learn flakas once (pre-40yr old thinking). It wasn't worth it. I bet if you looked at what I was doing, I was doing something totally wrong and progressively getting more wrong with successive tries. Someday I hope to get back to them, but I don't feel strong enough yet. I also remember that day since I lost my second wedding ring into the drink.

Working on flakas/shakas vs pushies is basically totally different conditions, so I should be working on both anyway!

boardsurfr said...

Keep us posted in the pushies! I'd love to hear how it goes, and also how you think it's done. That's not a move you read much about.

Fish said...

Truth be told, I want to learn them all!

I'll post updates along the way. Thanks for commenting boardsurfr.

James Court said...

hi Fish, here is a how to article I wrote a few years back for our local mag. Still seems to make sense to me. realise that you may not have the same size ramps where you are. They are still totally doable of steep chop, but it helps if it is really windy and you really need to aim higher into the wind than the 1 degree I talk about in this article.

Fish said...

Thanks James! I will take a look.