Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pansy Hands

I have pansy hands.  Not proud of it.

How bad? Two week trips to Cape Hatteras are interesting balancing acts between wearing irritating gloves, versus suffering the debilitating appearance of blisters and torn-off blisters.  Then I go nuts with hockey tape.  By the time we're driving home, it's like a thermonuclear explosion of pain every time my hands make contact with anything, including any microscopic airborne particulate-matter.

Frustrating to say the least... sometimes I'll get a handful of nasty ones after just 2-3hrs!

Not working in my favour, I am a desk worker, paper pushing, all-day-at-the-computer type worker.  So, I'm never going get those leathery manual-labour dream hands that can repel napalm.  I need a pro-active solution.

Have you ever suffered from Pansy Hands Syndrome imparted by windsurfing?  If you haven't, then you're lucky, or maybe you get to sail too much and are therefore well-conditioned which is unfair, and also lucky.

Have you found something that helps aside from gloves?  If so, what do you do that helps or eliminates?


boardsurfr said...

I stopped wearing gloves (except in the winter) a few years ago. In Hatteras, I often sail 100-200 km a day without blister problems. Here's how:
1. Get some sessions in before the trip. Even light wind sessions help. If not possible (or in addition), use weights and cardio machines that let you use your hands, like rowing machines and elliptical machines.
2. Take it easy on the first couple of days. Concentrate on using your harness without any weight on your hands.
3. After each session, use cream on your hands. I typically use Nivea which is absorbed quickly, but stronger stuff like Desitin if it's bad. Repeat before bed and if you wake up at night.

The hand creme makes the biggest difference. Keeping the skin on your hands moist enough allows the water in new blisters to escape overnight, so the blisters disappear. That works even after a 10-hour session in the sound.

Fish said...

Thanks for the ideas. Getting in some sessions before Hatteras is very difficult as its usually very cold still, but, there lots o good old manual labour to be done around the house and the wife's community garden. So perhaps that would make a difference.

#2, tried a bit of that but for sure, the thoughts are fleeting and I probably grip harder than I need to at all times and don't use by body weight enough.

3. for sure! the problem comes in when I've got broken ones already, but mayvbe 1 & 2 can prevent that, then 3 can delay the onset.


Spencer Thompson said...

You mention "Hockey tape", how about BEFORE your hands are torn up? The hand cream tip is the best one ever, been doing that for years. We spent 9 days on Margarita and never a blister.

Waterturtle said...

I have the same problem. #2 by boardsurfr definitely helps...tweaking your technique and getting out of the bad habit of gripping the boom.

Do pullups at home. This helps build calluses in the same areas where you normally get hand blisters from windsurfing. Helps with your fitness too.

Once you get blisters, use superglue to glue them shut or to create a new "skin" over the top.

Fish said...

Thanks for the feedback all!

Spencer - I hear you, but to date I always turn off the brain and hold out for the hope that by some miracle I won't have the damage. I think those days are done, so yes, some preventative is a good idea. Gloves are the best preventative measure though, since I'd have to literally tape every joint, tip and palm. :(

Waterturtle - I've always wondered about superglue. Any issue with it making contact with exposed flesh? Pull-ups are a great idea, just need to see if my shoulders can handle it. They are still in recovery mode to some extent. Still need to be careful and tread lightly with exercise and abuse.

PeconicPuffin said...

Get extreme about balancing your harness lines. Make them extra narrow to force you to balance them.

And then (try to) relax. Ha!

Fish said...

Thanks Puffin and great advice. I should totally do that because a la words of Mark Angulo circa 1980's, "I'm a junk rigger". Anyone remember that one? Not sure what Pryde movie that was from.

Waterturtle said...

No issues with superglue on exposed Flesh. but Who knows what harmful chemicals are in it and what the long term effects would be. But whatever. Everything in moderation, right? I've used it twice in last 4 years so I think I'll be ok.

Fish said...

I've been using lotion daily or twice daily since getting all this feedback and lo and behold, its working for me! THanks. Haven't had a major blister since! It could in part be that we've had a lot of wind and my hands have gotten a bit condition too, but no doubt the lotion helps!