Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Figuring out this GoPro Thang...

I built a cheap tail mount for my GoPro, which hasn't seen a whole lot of action yet... so I am trying to learn how to use my video editing software, and figure out where the best mounting points are.  Unfortunately, we've had not so much wind, so I've only played with the boom tail mount.  Keen to try a mast mount next.


Funkysandman said...

badass! you need to do a slo-mo version at 60fps

Brian S. said...

Let's see pic's of the mount.

Anonymous said...

Hey Fish

Gopros rock!

Longtime follower, 1st time commenter.

How's rodanthe to windsurf. I've only ever gone to avon (10 years and counting).

Fish said...

Hey Anon,

Thanks for following... clearly you are patient ;)

Rodanthe is not as good as Avon for windsurfing. Too shallow to be honest and not enough texture on the water. Even on 4.2 last week there really are no decent ramps. In Avon, it seems there is at least a reasonably amount of variation in the depth you can get the odd fun ramp popping out of nowhere, from time to time.

Rodanthe is much better for kiting though - consistently shallow... My wife is learning and I am dabbling a bit in the lighter winds.

Fish said...

Hi Brian,
Any chance I can email you a shot or two? I'd rather do that than post... but happy to share.

Fish said...

Hey Sandy. Yes, I should try that, but my 4 yr old laptop has a hard time processing this stuff. If only this thing would die already... ;)

CdnGuy said...

Looks great!

Brian S said...

Fish, RE the mount, you can send pics to

I made mast mount I can share with you.