Friday, August 12, 2011

'Rip'-hood to Fatherhood Part 1/3

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Anyway, enjoy...

Part 2/3 coming soon.... To Delivery, and Beyond!


Anonymous said...

Hey Fish

Loved your story... I can totally relate with you I’m wind junkie myself with 2 1/2 year old twin boys...My wife is great she always give me the OK to go out sailing when the wind calls, She realises its such a short season and living in the Niagara you have to take when its comes it not you it s windy 24/7 once every two weeks if your lucky this summer… I think you’re an inspiration to your kids if they get to watch you enjoy something you love and have passion for all the better…I hope to pass that along to my little dudes someday when the time is right.. Happy parents makes, good parents. Those little guys can beat any 4.0 day...I think it’s great for them to grow up and watch dad stay active and enjoy life with them…. And hopefully someday we can all enjoy it together on the water….


CdnGuy said...

Hi, great story. Someday I hope you all can be out sailing on a Christmas day like I was this year with all 5 members of my family sailing. My twin boys are 13, daughter is 10, and they all do sail with my wife and me. Having my boys high 5 me when I landed my first (and so far only) vulcan this year was cool too!

Nicolas said...

Well written and entertaining as usual. FWIT, I have no kids and am still not windsurfing anymore then you. You, on the other hand, have those wonderful boys of yours to show for.