Saturday, April 30, 2011

Fun on the sound...

Wish I had some shots of Ramp30 action, but unfortunately I have none. Had a great time with Amine at Ramp30 on Thursday - blowing about 30-35, sailed a 4.2 for some extra grunt in the impact zone. I find sailing ocean side in Hatteras is ALWAYS a big challenge - it's always a bit holey on the inside leaving you for dead just when you need to be planing. Playing on the waves more to the inside always leaves you questioning how early you should be bailing.

Took some early breaks after some major kookery, but then managed to get somewhat of a groove on and made fewer mistakes. Fun times. Had some nice 3-4 turn waves with a few aerial attempts, skipped the loopery and just made the most of the waves.

Anyway, here is a spock photo from the sound. We've been getting great wind til now and sailed almost everyday on anything from 5.3 down to 4.2.


Waterturtle said...

Fish, Sorry to have missed you. I didn't make it to Ramp 30 last Thurs...was crazy windy and we sailed soundside. Sounds like the wavesailing conditions that day were pretty crazy. I only made it out wavesailing one day...last Monday for light wind SUP wavesailing at Ramp 30. We scored great SUP surfing waves last 2 days though. Back home now...sigh. Hope you have a great 2nd week.

Catapulting Aaron said...

I miss Hatteras! someday I'll get over that way again.

I like the photo, particularly the hand-over-hand bit, nice technique!

Fish said...

Yeah, too bad Waterturtle - maybe next year! The ocean was pretty nutty. If it wasn't for the current and flukey wind in the break, a 3.5-3.7 would have been more than enough.

Aaron - thanks! There's debate over hands to boom or one hand on the mast - I vote for boom to boom. 540's are much easier that way and ultimately become easier than std spocks.