Monday, March 07, 2011

Hatteras Season is almost here!

Totally curious if there are other 'Hatteras Pilgimage' rituals elsewhere in the world?

For those readers from far off places (I am assuming there might be one or two if I am lucky), I wonder if other sailors elsewhere in the world have a similar ritual.

The background: Canada is not known for its tropical nature. Relatively speaking, it gets cold here, damn cold. Generally cold enough that the water vanishes into solid sheets of ice forming an impenetrable barrier between us and our medium. Picture a smoker desperately eyeing a cigarette behind a solid glass window. That is us in the winter.

Generally speaking, most people around here are not willing to battle the extreme colds of the transition seasons, so a standard sailing season for a reasonably dedicated sailor is typically May (earliest), through November (latest). Outside that window, the water is unbearable for most, or the air is just too frigid. This leaves a hideously long off-season, bordering on 6 months or hair-pulling insanity. I imagine if a windsurfer were a smoker wanting to quit, it would be dead easy. We deal with severe withdrawal symptoms every damn year!

Hatteras gets nice and windy in the spring. With all these lost souls in desperation of wind and water, somethings gotta give. Fortunately, it's only about 12-16hrs of driving (depending on roughly where you live up here), rental homes are cheap, and its reasonably warm and windy! A win-win for all. Typically you see more Quebec and Ontario license plates in Avon in late April than NC plates! We INVADE the place, and love it!

That season is almost here... We've got a couple weeks booked in the spring and totally ready to pounce. Cheryl is going to work on her kiting a bit more and hopefully I can get working on some new tricks. Totally stoked! One week in Avon, one week in Rodanthe!

What do others out there do to satiate their winter-time jitters?

Thanks for those great photos last spring Steve! (Steve Slaby, 2010)


Andy said...

Can't wait for the invasion to begin :) See y'all soon!

Fish said...

Looking forward to some sessions in the flats there with ya! Hopefully can make it work...

Waterturtle said...

Fish, We'll be in Hatteras 1st weekend of April (maybe), then again last full week of April with wife/kids (definitely). When will you be there?

PeconicPuffin said...

The Hatteras ritual...absolutely! Is there anything sweeter than arriving...pulling into the driveway with all the anticipation of the good times ahead?

My Hatteras Ritual buddy has a great line about you Canadians...when we finish our drive (we come from the NYC area) he says "okay we're halfway there!" You make quite the roadtrip.

Nicolas said...

Cosying on up during winter = nice

Anticipating Hatteras = Very nice

Being there amongst friends, colleagues and the elements = Priceless.

CdnGuy said...

In the south of France, the parking lots of places like Almanarre have as many Dutch, German and Italian license plates as there are French plates. Oh, there is also one one Canadian tourist plate. 16 degrees and 12 degree water today.

Fish said...

Thanks for the comments everyone!
Waterturtle - we'll be there last week April, first week May. Looking forward to it.

PP - for sure, its a long way, but most things are a long way for road trips up here. There are also a bunch of regulars to Les Iles de la Madeleine, and from here, that is about 18hrs to the ferry, plus a 5hr ferry ride...

Nic - see you there!

CdnGuy - glad to see someone representin' for the Maple Leaf.

Andy - see you soon. Gotta teach this old dog those flakas.

Waterturtle said...

Fish, Hope to get to sail with you next week (4/24-5/1). We're staying soundside Avon Kinnakeet Shores big blue house way behind Food Will be watching for wavesailing opportunities.