Friday, November 19, 2010

Canadian Windsurfers...

You can say all you want about how lame Facebook is, but when it comes down to bringing together like-minded individuals on a cause, it has rapidly become the undisputed King.

Ilan has set up a Facebook page for Canadian Windsurfers. Check it out here.

Hopefully this page can act as a bit of a resource to reach out to even more people, from Canada or abroad, to join the Canadian Windsurfing Community in addressing issues of access, water quality, safety, you name it, things that effect us windsurfers in Canada.

The most recent problem is Air Canada's baggage regulations and their prohibition of windsurfing gear on its flights. Not only can you find some info on the new facebook page, but if you'd like to sign a petition to work towards overturning these regulations, please go straight here:

I sure wish this was around when we were attempting to deal with Transport Canada and their dumb-ass PFD requirements...


CdnGuy said...

Hey Fish, just came across your great blog. Hey, what is it with Engineers and windsurfing and twins. I'm an engineer by training too, and have twins.

You may be interested in this app. based on your career description. Is there something similar for Canada?

Fish said...

Hey Thanks CdnGuy! Twins are pretty awesome aren't they? Tough in the beginning for sure, but now they are 'paying for themselves' in play time together, giving us lots of time to ourselves.

That is a pretty funny website. Nothing like that here! I wonder if they show it heading off into the storm sewers or nearby streams here and there ;)