Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Windsurfing Movie II

It arrived. Stoked!

Windsurfing Movie II
Everyone has their own tastes right... and everyone looks for certain elements in movies that make them love it, like it or dislike it. I think this movie is pretty good. Good work PoorBoyz!

What I have always liked in high-end movies from top pros is to see the innovation taking place, whatever the sport - skateboard, skiing, windsurfing.... Now that in itself is a hugely tricky thing, since often by the time a movie is out, what may have been brand new trickery caught on film has often seen the rounds on the internet, magazines and such, simply due to the quicker speed of delivery of those forms of media.

Anyway, in the end, I was pretty stoked to see some newer moves caught by the film crew and certainly some nice innovative riding by Levi and Kai Lenny.

Add a mix of beer, friends and big screen TV to mix, and you've got a winner. Great flick.

The Poorboyz ski flicks are pretty hot shit too. Check out the trailer for their latest movie 'Revolver' here (and early season trailer here).

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