Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2010 Kit

I managed to convince my financial advisor that I absolutely NEED some new gear since the old stuff, quite frankly, didn't work anymore...


Fedex is due to arrive any day now, with some brand spanky new stuff. It's going to be a long four months til Hatteras.

Update: It's here!
I love the green beast. Can't wait to try it.


windsurfjunky said...

Hey Fish
Your new Goya looks sweet.what size did you get...I want a full test report.. How are the twins doing..mine are getting bigger 9 months now, the one almost out wieghs the other one by 5 lbs I think he takes afters his dad. What week are you down in Hatteras.


Fish said...

Hey Kev,

Thanks for the comment. I'll definitely post some test reports from Hatteras on the new kit. I am busting at the seams to try it out... seems like so far off though. We will be down there from April 25-to May 8th, staying in Avon just south of the 'Island' group, near Big Island.

The twins are doing awesome. My wife and I are going to rent a couple of SUP's while there and hope to get them on the boards for nightly paddles in the sunsets, and take them for the odd sail when the wind is nice and light. They are turning 3 next week, and holy crap are they ever fun little dudes.

Will you be down there around then?


windsurfjunky said...

Hey Mike

Will be down there the week before 18-25. Just me and buddy as of right now. Its going to be hard to leave the little guys for a week, especialy if we get skunked for wind. We have a place last road heading out of Avon going toward the Hole sound front. If you get down a day or two early and you guys need a place to stay you can shack up with us will have tones of room. I'm hoping to demo a Quatro FSW 105 from A.S.H.. Do you think there would be any noticeable difference between the Goya and Quatro or are the basically the same board.. A.S.H. says there diff, but they only sell Quatro. And I now you used to sail for Quatro..curious to your thoughts.


Fish said...

Hey Kev,

I wish I could back my thoughts up with fact, but I cannot - so the following is speculation. I do sail for Quatro, but they do not produce pure a pure Freestyle board in their line-up, which is what I need. They are kind enough to let me get on a Goya X1 over the Quatro FSW, since the companies are very intertwined.

I don't doubt the Quatro FSW is an excellent board in any sense, but its intended purpose is different than a pure freestyle board, and that is my main reason for going with the X1. I bet the QFSW105 will be turny-er (i.e easier to jibe) with probably more rocker than the X1 to give it some wave-sailability to it - a more rounded, all conditions performer. However, the X1 is likely to plane a bit quicker and have better pop and backwards sliding abilities. I bet you could easily get the facts from Keith Teboul if you email Quatro. I think Keith shapes all the Goya's anyway, but more according to Francisco's parameters.

To bad we don't overlap in our stay, I'd be happy to let you try mine. Thanks for the offer for the stay, but I doubt we will get there early due to my fulltime job!

Oh, and the board size is the 105. Since my biggest sail these days is 5.3, I very much need early planing to help me make that work. The old 2007 version of the X1 that i owned was excellent for that. Plus, if I can drop these extra 10-15lbs, the combo will be gold.


George Markopoulos said...

Nice, my new gear will be arriving in march. Perhaps our paths will cross down in hatteras this spring.

Fish said...

Hey George! Perhaps we oughta have a bloggers session somewhere in Hatteras! I'm up for it!

James Court said...

aaahh new gear. I can almost smell the styrofoam and epoxy. Sails look eighties bright!