Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Damn, that was fun!

Holy crap... Just had one of the best wave-riding sessions of my life.

Sandbanks again, surprise surprise. This place is THE best wave sailing spot in mainland Ontario/Quebec no doubt.

I did a real early shift and was there by 7:30. The waves looked pretty disappointing to start, but there was potential. Mac's looked lame, so I went to Outlet Beach. It was also pretty marginal, but all of a sudden, ramped up to nuclear. Rigged 3.7 and played around, or should I say, got spanked around, in building waves and winds 30 gusting 40. It sapped a lot of my strength, and was not the best call, since it was practically on-shore. A few others were out too, and eventually it was the 3.0's and 3.2's that dominated the spot. Everyone else was getting spit out.

One knob tried to launch a kite in that, and was swiftly rejected. I reckon he was pretty lucky to get out of that idiocy unscathed... but what do I know about kiting...

Ilan, Jack and I popped up to Mac's, and lots of the Quebec gang was already there! At MY spot!! I don't even know why I bother going to the beach anymore. Mac's is the best spot at Sandbanks, no doubt about it... hence i like to call it my spot.

It really surprised me. Again, out on 3.7, maxed, but with much less shorebreak and infinitely more rideable waves... coming in in sweet sets, up to mast high I'm guessing. First run out was probably the best waveride of my life. Nothing fancy, just down-the-line bomb with about 6 or 7 solid gouges on the waveface... I've never had a wave that good in all my life, Maui, Hatteras, Oz, NZ, you name it. Best wave ever. I think it was just luck, but those types of waves kept rolling in, and it was the best session I can remember in a long time. Lots of powered bottom turns followed by slashy and carvey top-turns.

Props again to the Quebec and Ottawa gangs for some great times. With luck, there might be some video and maybe some photos.

I'll be dreaming about this one for a while.


Nicolas said...

It was indeed a great day, both on and off the water. Glad you started blogging again!

Fish said...

Sorry to the kiters out there for that comment, but I couldn't believe my eyes that a guy there was trying to launch, what looked like a 5-7m kite, in 40+ knots of wind. Calling it idiocy was a bit harsh and disrespectful on my part, but from my standpoint, it showed quite a lack in judgement. I was pretty shocked, and definitely happy to see he did not get tossed into the trees.

George Markopoulos said...


cammar said...

Hey, you don't get to write "the best wave of my life" very often...
Congrats and a I wish you hundreds more of those.