Monday, September 21, 2009

Not the vacation I was hoping for...

Well, that wraps up 2 weeks of the worst vacation ever, by vacation standards. We were off to Montreal and the Quebec City areas for one week just to do some camping with our family, relax and get outdoors for a while. Well, three days in and Bradley has an awkward fall in a play park and busts his little femur. Poor little guy. Anyway, we spend the next 10 days confined to a hospital in the west end of Quebec City while Bradley enjoys the pleasures of traction. He was casted last Thursday, but unfortunately, things are not set right and he will need to endure some more traction, probably, and get recasted. Thankfully, at least we are back home in Kingston now.

Hatteras in the spring for 2 weeks - hopefully that one will be better. Stoked to get the boys on board.

UPDATE: The doc here in Ktown says the situation ain't so bad. Apparently, about 20% of most femur cast jobs need resetting after a couple of weeks. Next week, they will do another X-ray, and then likely redo the cast at a better angle. Anyway, good news is that there is no delay to his healing and no need for more traction. Time for a case of beer... Parenting is frickin' stressful.

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