Monday, March 16, 2009

Dream Quiver

Yes, I am at work. That doesn't mean I don't day dream... Give me a break eh? It's Monday morning.

I often browse the Quatro and Goya sites and think, if money was no object, what would my dream quiver look like (within reason).

Well, I've figured it out.

First off, I don't race. I don't care about going fast, I just want to ride waves and do tricks. Is that so wrong? I don't think so.

Boards: Definitely need a floaty freestyle board. The 105 Goya X1 is perfect. Love it... Looking forward to updating from my '07 model. Next on the list - probably a mid-size FSW model - I'll take the 2009 Quatro FSW 85 please... Then, for the nice windy days, a Wave 72. That would be plenty - 3 boards to do it all. BUT, if $$ were truly no object, I'd have to get on the band wagon and pick up a 75L twin fin to try, just for that 1 day every year or so when I get to do some real wave sailing ;)

Sails: Easy... I'll take the W3D in 5.7 and down. But, maybe rather than go with the W3D in the tiny sizes, just to mix it up a bit, I'll give the Guru a shot in sub 4.5. Looks good to me.

OK, now that I've got that dream quiver all sorted out, I can go back to work and continue the futility of making $$ no object.


Nicolas said...

You forgot to mention the "dream Quiver Carrier" of choice? A van, Rialto, VW, Subaru, ...

Fish said...

Hm, you are right. What are you driving Nic?

Pretty happy with my Sube Outback at the moment... but, if $ was no object?

Not sure... they don't make a 'hybrid'. And its not necessarily the dream mobile for windsurfing, but a good compromise for family without being a van.


And... what the hell am I talking about anyway. I'm driving the shitty Ford Focus wagon. My WIFE is using the Sube! The dream quiver carrier is certainly not the Focus, nor is it likely to be any persons vehicle of choice, anywhere, EVER!

Anonymous said...

anonymous windsurfer chiming in on this one. As for a dream quiver carrier... none, being able to walk your gear to the beach as a $$ no object is far and away the BEST of all options!

I like the quiver though, my wife and i share a 75 twinfin, as my windy board and her medium, and the wind range tends to overlap as we both love the board.

Fish said...

Anon - yeah definitely agree with you on that one! No vehicle is better than having one at all.

Never tried a twin, and no reason to around here. But, would love to try one in the right conditions!

Thomas said...

yup, make it happen fish. If you have any left over money from your money is no object fund, feel free to pass it on!