Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Kingston Freestyle Jam

Oh yeah, I forgot to report on the Freestyle Jam held back in late September...

First things first! We magically got wind on that weekend! Brilliant - a legit comp could be run. It was a breezy SSW wind, just enough south in it to know it would die before noon. Getting a bunch of childless 18-20yr olds up and going before 9am seems to be a big challenge, but it happened. Heats were starting by 9am!

The chosen location was Emily St, just for that added bit of exposure to be had there, over last years site - RMC. It was blowing about 20kts, enough for everyone to be on 5.0, give or take. In the end, there were about 12 competitors, most under 20, with Zeni and myself capping off the older crew, me taking the lead as the most geriatric.

Well, it went off great! Everyone was busting moves left right and centre. Emily is a bit challenging with large, closely spaced chop coming in on the SSW - very difficult to find a flat patch for anything. Regardless, Phil Soltysiak was out there busting his top-of-the-line pro-level moves when us mere mortals were just trying to stick a damn spock already...

What can I say but to congratulate Phil and his buddies for putting on this event and to come complete with more energy and enthusiasm than this City has seen at Emily St since the 1983 Worlds. Choice!

In the end, Phil took the victory with this old kook in second. The official report can be seen here. Mikael Breuvart took first place honours in the pro-kids division. Congrats to Mikael for taking home a nice Sailworks Revo 5.6 and winning the highly-versatile 45L waveboard. ;)

Fun times for sure.

Oh, and thanks to the various photographers from which I have pinched photos.

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Erick Gonzalez said...

Wind on demand in K-town for a tournament?.. sheez!.. what are the odds!?. nice. BTW, maybe next year I will join you in the geriatric freestyle division. Though I think you still beat me to the senior citizen line by half a year.. yeay!