Thursday, July 10, 2008

Love it...

Now I certainly ain't anti-kite or anything like that... but I do find it entertaining how kite-converts find the need to spew about it religiously like Jehovah's Witnesses at your front door, trying to buy over the remaining hold-outs. Saying that, I will probably even try it some day and like it.

In my view, kiting is to windsurfing as snowboarding is to skiing. I like skiing and I like snowboarding, but snowboarding is no doubt far easier to learn and to improve rapidly. Skiing takes a while.

I reckon kiting is similar in that regard. Certainly in this area, it has drawn several individuals from windsurfing who had plateau-ed so to speak... and those who prefer the ability to learn moves quicker than working at them for a (long) while. I hypothosize and generalize for sure... and its not meant as an insult in anyway. In a place like Kingston where sessions are far and few, it takes bloody ages... At least kiters get more time on the water than us windsurfers and that is definitely going to help their learning curve too!

Well, it took a while, but finally, probably due to a pretty heated rivalry between some prominent Hatteras locals, a rebuttal to those lame 'Windsurfing has been cancelled' stickers:

Source: The Peconic Puffin


Thomas said...

where do you get those stickers!!!

deepfried said...

yeah... me too!

Though as you know it too windy in Wellys for kiters