Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Costa Rica next winter... SHWEET!!

Well, this can't quite compare to the CrankyWindsurfer's recent revelation and movements towards personal fulfilment, but I'm working on it. Having just signed on a permanent basis at work, which was a difficult thing to do, with that 4wk vacation limitation - Ericks comments definitely ring home.

Life is short and you gotta enjoy it. That was certainly a factor contributing to our 2 years in New Zealand. Anyway, a request upon contract signing was the go ahead to take two months off next winter to explore Costa Rica with my family. And the go ahead I did indeed receive. It's on!! Let the planning begin...

No doubt it will not be a pure windsurfing trip, but more of a family immersion into Costa Rican culture, lifestyle and language. The boys will just be turning two after our return home, so no better time to capitalize on their cheap airfare than to escape the onset of winter in Canada. We will hit Lago Arenal for a couple weeks in December, but aside from that, we'll be immersed in various places, learning spanish, exploring the lush forests and lounging on the beaches, exposing our wee lads to a new amazing place, not to mention catching the odd wave on a surf board.



Erick said...

Dunno mate.. pulling off two months in Costa Rica with a wife and 2 cubs on board doesn't sound like a small feat by any measure. Congratulations.. actually.. sorry.. that should be

Felicitaciones Señor! Una cerveza por favor!.


Nicolas said...

Felicitation, that's French AND Spanish! Tina and I we're hoping for a Costa Rica trip soon as well. Maybe I'll wait for your 2 cents review.

Hasta Luego.

Mac said...

Hey Fish, I'm a windsurfing dad too...check out my recent trip report from Costa Rica with the family.
It may help in your planning. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions about CR.