Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Back to Canada

It's been a struggle, is all I can say, re-adjusting back to North American life. So many changes and big events have happened in 2007 it is pretty crazy. Chalk up the birth of twin boys, change in jobs, move back to Canada, getting hitched... It's been nuts - in so many ways joyous but also a deep internal struggle to accept we are back... back to a place I know too well.

Anyway, don't want to make this post a whiner-fest. Needless to say, the lack of sailing in Kingston Ontario has been taking its toll, mentally and on the skills. Summer was meagre. I only owned a 5.3 and nice 105L freestyle board and that just isn't enough for this palce. A 6.0 is critical. So, missed some decent 6.0 days, but tough to even think about going to that size again. The 5.7 I had in NZ got used 3 times in lame conditions and was promtly sold. 5.7 wind means its a mountain bike day. All in all: the gecko's have improved.

But alas, fall has delivered a few days that have rekindled my spirits, so not all is lost. I have found my 540's again and in the ideal conditions, they are happening at a decent success rate... I put a hell of an effort into flakas one day in Lake Ontario Park, in dead flat water, to no avail but notwithstanding the tendonitis that has since developed in my shoulder. I hate that move!! ;) I also promptly lost my wedding band after 9 days of marriage, also in Lake Ontario Park while sailing damnit. Yesterday proved that I can still pull the odd nice shove-it out of my arse too. I hope that one is on video!!! Tried to tweak that bitch as much as I could, and planed out of it nicely.

So, the blog is back. Not much of the season left, but I'll post when I can. I'm keen to see if anyone at all checks out this blog anymore, its been dead for a long time!! If you do read it, please leave a comment. Otherwise I'll declare it officially close.

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ramon said...

Hey Fish,

How's this for quick response :-)

There was a amazing few days of NW plimmys days back about a month ago. I missed them though, as i was working. I purchased a business, which takes up all of my time.

You probably heard that the TWC was a huge success, i again did not go. I will make an effort to go next year.

I agreed to be the new president of the WWA when leyland left. So, that forces me to go to the WWA events, which is a good thing.

Bummer about the wind in ontario. Such talent should be used. We don't have many people to push our limits here in welly anymore.

Well, i read the blog and i was happy to see something posted :-)

cheers, Ramon