Thursday, January 25, 2007

Freewave #3.

Back to the ditch. It was slated for Plimmerton, but I generously acted as windy dummy, or more appropriately, wind complete idiot, as the wind was absolute shite and turned worse. A thumbs down for Plimmerton again.

The ditch was doin' wierd stuff too. There has been some nutty wind patterns around here the last week or two and everything was messy. T'was gusty and slightly E of N leaving a bit of a wind shadow by the normal Hatchery-style jibatorium. Bugga!

Anyway, it went off... I swapped between the 95 and 76 L boards, but stuck to the guns on the 4.4. Once again, Tom Taylor blew the competition to pieces with his goiters and flakas, and I think he may have even nabbed a shaka in there too, the bastard. I definitely witnessed a pretty sweet switch-chacho attempt. Hands-down he deserved the victory.

I kept to the usual standards to keep myself in 2nd spot, landing my grubbies, spocks, one-handed shove-it, forwards and a meagre upwind 3 to top off the lighter inside wind kookery. Clayton followed up in 3rd. I saw him do some real long clean body drags and snappy forwards. James was whipping up a willyskip frenzy and Troy was coming close to those shove-its himself. To top off the action, Gary made a special guest appearance during heats 3 through 5 tossing out his awesome looking wymaroos and one-footers.

Another fun day! So, I sit tenuously in 3rd place overall and it all comes down to the final event. Word on the streets is that Tom is back to school and will not make it, so the top podium position is up for grabs!!! Clayton is at 7pts and will head into the final event with the advantage and lead, with me at 9pts, James following up at 11pts, and Woo at 14. All I can say is that if the event is in the Ditch, I have a fighting chance at #1 or #2. If it's at Plimmy or Lyall Bay, I am f#%$ed and will be hoping to claw my way into 3rd overall. On the other hand, if Tom shows up, I am also in trouble where ever mother nature takes the event. February 17 is the day.

Thankfully, the babies will be here soon. With my 3 wks of paternity leave, no doubt I'll be sailing everyday and be as sharp as a knife. ;) Oh wait, maybe I have that wrong... Perhaps sleepless, exhausted and fat is more appropriate.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Mike,
Congratulations, you are incredible!
Who would have guessed when I remember you as a little tyke getting one tantrum after another, trying to keep that darn sail up!
Well done my boy!