Sunday, December 17, 2006

Woah nelly...

A slip in the status... A bit of an emergency check last night. Cheryl had to have a wee hospital visit due to some unexplained pains. They monitored the babies heartbeats for about an hour and did a number of other diagnostic tests, and everything is still fine and dandy. Nothing to worry about.

I reckon that being a father is going to be stressful! We aren't even there yet and there are stressful moments. Beds at the Wellington hospital were full and if there were any signs of dilation, we would have been enjoying a helicopter ride to another city.

My planned three-day hike into the uncharted bush of the Kahurangi over Christmas has been canned. There is no way I could relax and enjoy without knowing that Cheryl is OK. On the bright side, I'll bring my windsurf kit down with me instead of the hiking boots and pack!


AmigoChris said...

Fish said: "I reckon that being a father is going to be stressful!"

Just the begining my friend!

Chris (father of twin girls(almost three)in Ottawa Canada)

Fish said...

Understatement of the year?