Sunday, November 12, 2006

Plimmerton goes off!

A brilliant session at Plimmerton went down on Saturday - sunny skies, 25-35 knots from the NW... Waves got better as high tide passed and the water started sucking out of the harbour. Stuck another decent Crazy Pete. I'm to the point of almost giving up on backloops - my re-entry angle is all wrong and I can't sort it out. Lots of spocks in the flat water of the bay on the other side. This after an earlier session last week when I could stick ANYTHING...

Leland has his camera all fixed up again, so perhaps we'll get some in-water and boom-mount shots soon.


Nicolas said...

Man! u folks are getting some real nice winds out there. Pics look good! How's the water temp? I miss the water so much!

Fish said...

Hey Nic,
Yes, its windy season... usually sailable winds about 6/7days a week. Yesterday was 50-60knots, and that probably happens 10 times a year. My 4.4 is getting the most use of all my sails and I have only used the 5.7 three times in the past year. Water temps are around 13C at the moment, but dip down to 8-10C in the winter... just a notch above numbing -so no booties required all year. Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog, and commenting!! Enjoy the slopes!